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You don't have to be normal to fit in

We don't much care for fitting into boxes and we think individuals should define their own style. We're all off beat and outspoken, but we all care deeply for each other and our clients and think our differences are what set us apart and make us beautiful simultaneously. From photo shoots, to on location weddings and events, to every day behind our chairs, we are producing something very specific to each and every client, no two are the same.


Kismet Studio does things differently. If you're tired of leaving your salon wondering why you overpay for mediocrity, it's time to make a switch. The skill level of these women is off-the-charts impressive. And the vibe is relaxed and inclusive. If you're looking for vibrant or cutting edge, go here! If you're looking for an elevated version of what you already have, go here! If you just want a trim, or you need a professional to keep your style low-maintenance, go here! If you love yourself and like being around good people, go here!

Laurah Bajorek, studio client

We want to get to know you, If you're cool!

You can drop us a love note or just leave your info and we'll come to you. We won't be blowing up your inbox though. We want to offer exclusive savings and offers for our frands but, let's be honest, our Love Letters will only be sent monthly to quarterly.


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