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Kismet Culture

ABOVE ALL, we believe in art having the ability to foster healing and growth. We strive to  bring joy and healing through Community, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging.


 We also beleieve in... using snacks to make friends, caffeine can fix a variety of things, aliens, new friends, having fun anywhere, accepting yourself/others, being nice to yourself/others, helping when you can, setting boundaries, living in your integrity, making generous assumptions about people, paying it forward, teamwork, naps, margaritas at work meetings, sustainability, dogs making everything better...


We don't believe in... hurtful comments, gossiping, negativity without reason, labeling, classifying, assuming, insulting, gender norms/roles, hurting animals, body or any other type of shaming, racism, sexism, class-ism, or homophobia. 









All of our stylists operate their own business, empowering them to make all of their own decisions when it comes to scheduling, pricing, policies, and product use. We have no set hours, and we are all available by appointment only. All of our prices are based on hair length, not client gender. You can visit the "Queens" page to learn all about us and what sets us apart. You can also check out links to our Instagram portfolios, pricing, policies, contacts, and websites.

We want to get to know you, If you're cool!

You can drop us a love note or just leave your info and we'll come to you. We won't be blowing up your inbox though. We want to offer exclusive savings and offers for our frands but, let's be honest, our Love Letters will only be sent monthly to quarterly.


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