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What does Kismet mean to you?

To me it means "written in the stars". Whatever higher power you believe in, however you want to say it, I think there is an intuition in all of us that calls us to follow. It's Kismet to listen to that intuition and having the faith to follow it! And of course for me it also means my happy place, where I get to create.


What do you love about your job?

Making a difference for people, to make them feel seen, or heard. It's not on a huge scale but I really do love watching people grow to love themselves while they're in my chair. As the business owner it means getting to lead my team to their highest potential and support them, which gives me even greater purpose. 


What is your favorite service?

I would say either painting colors with no restrictions, or creating formal or event styles. Getting to ride that creativity is my favorite, and customizing it to each individual. With formal and event styling there is less chemistry and variables than color and it's almost like my hands just go to work even if my brain isn't sure where they're headed. Combining beauty and structure in an updo always make me feel like I get to combine my engineer and artistic brain.


What is your "why"?

I just like making people feel good! When people feel uncomfortable and not like they're presenting themselves accurately, it's limiting and those limits reach into their lives pretty deeply. You can say, "it's just hair", but it's so much more. It's a conversation for someone who never gets heard, it's representation for their confidence and how they see themselves, it's support from an open accepting community where they don't have to feel judged. And getting to walk out feeling like a better more badass version of themselves


Favorite Drink/Animal/Food/Color/Place?

Jack on the rocks, my pupper Whiskey, za, color-Blue/Black, Springdale, UT


One passion other than hair?

Traveling!!!! I love seeing new places and how different people can be! I am never far from a vacation and love to combine travel and work!! Top five places... Bozeman/Montana, Tirana/Albania, San Diego/CA, The upper peninsula of Michigan, Vegas

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