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Rental Options and Pricing

Over the years we've hosted events, popups, nail artists, tarot readers, artists, photoshoots, brands, charity events, art classes, hair classes, vendor events, etc... and we ALWAYS enjoy the influx of new energy and networking with friends!


Out of necessity for flexibility over the passed couple years, we've recognized some new ways our space might be able to bring community together through shared creative space in a less structured, more fluid, way.

The way all of us work has changed so much in such a short time, but sometimes winging it has an expiration date 🙃


 We've noticed some interesting gaps in the creative industry when trying to mix it with home life

Everyone needs a little more room to breathe and create in a space with ease. Maybe we could fill in some as some spare space, for you. Maybe once, maybe a few times, maybe more regularly.


We're going to post a series of imaginations for different creatives we are looking to connect with. And if you think there's anything we missed, or some other way we might be of service, we're keeping an open mind and an open inbox!


Please share this 🖤 we intend to support this community for as long as we can, but we cannot do it alone, we're going to need your support in return.


Thank you so much for taking an interest in our creative healing space and contributing to our mission of creativity as a means to foster community, diversity, belonging, and inclusivity ✨️

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